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As a customer using Transvas Profiler software, O&M Pension Solutions Limited does not control or process customer client data.

Any client information that you enter onto the software is held as per your organisations IT setup. This could be on your servers or workstations.

O&M Pension Solutions Ltd is not able to see or access any part of your client data. Therefore, we will not complete any GDPR related questionnaires. We have provided more information to better understand how the software handles data and updates below.


The Transvas Profiler software uses Microsoft SQL Server to store all client data. By default, we have historically installed SQL Server 2005 Express edition. 

To locate where the SQL database is held on your environment, do the following:

(1) Within the software, go to Help -> About O&M Transvas Profiler
(2) Go to 'Data Package' tab and see the entry under 'O&M Transvas Database'
(3) The software uses a SQL database called 'OandMTransvas' and SQL will have a database file (.mdf) and a log file (.ldf) to backup

By default, SQL Server installations are not encrypted at rest. Some of our customers have upgraded to new versions of SQL Server or added our database to an existing SQL Server installation. In addition, some customers have added encryption using Microsoft's Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology. 

Whilst O&M Pensions support staff cannot assist with implementing TDE or upgrades to SQL Server, your IT team should be able to assist if required.  

In addition to the SQL database, the software configuration data should also be backed up. This is held in the "CM Net Path" which can be located by following step (1) above and looking on the 'Transvas Profiler' tab. All files (excluding the update EXE files) should be backed up.


When you start our software, it connects to our web servers to check licensing and update any changes in the user / company name, etc. It also looks for and then attempts to download any recent updates not yet installed. You have the option to block this functionality, but you will then need to manually install updates when provided by O&M - please inform our support team who will add your details to a mailing list, so that you are emailed whenever an update for the software is available. 


Whilst O&M staff cannot access your data on your IT infrastructure, when you request that O&M provide remote support, our support team members can see your screen and any information displayed on your screen. While our team remote onto your system, it is the customer’s responsibility to monitor our support staff and ensure that no personal or sensitive data is visible. 

Recordings of any remote support sessions will be held for a period of 30 days prior to deletion, in case further issues arise and are only visible to the O&M Profiler Support Team.

In addition, when moving our software from one PC to another, O&M's support team may temporarily store a copy of your SQL database on our servers, ready for copying on to the new PC. In such an instance, the SQL database is permanently removed from our servers immediately after the remote session is completed.